What do classes consist of?

Our Fitness Certification  consist of  classroom and gym time. We do not require you to go intern somewhere for free! Our mission is to have you job ready upon graduation.

We will teach not only one on one style training but will also include group training instruction as well.  We will instruct students on different modalities of training including Kettlebells, Supsension Training, Sports Performance etc etc.

We also have an extensive  course on Sports Nutrition that will be included and will teach you how to perform bodyfat assessments and how to take that information and design a nutrition program for your clients. A Sports Nutrition Certification will also be included!

Finally, PTA Personal Training School offers what most certifications do not….sales and marketing for personal trainers!. We will teach you how to market yourself as a trainer to get clients and how to then sell multi session packages without hard pressure sales tactics. You make more $$$$ and your clients will see better results!

Do I need to be in great shape to get my Personal Trainer Certification ?

No! Clients are looking for trainers that can relate to their situation. You don’t need to have a six pack to get clients but you do want to show that you have made changes in your own body before they will trust you.  You will learn the most efficient ways to train your body in class and apply the nutritional knowledge we teach you!

What if I have to miss a class?

Well obviously, we want you there everyday but realistically, we understand that life happens. You will have take home material that you can study to keep up. If any of our students miss an entire section, they are more than welcome to sit back in that section at no additinal cost. Our students are also welcome to come back and attend any refresher courses they want at no cost! Once a student, always a student!

Why shouldn't I just go online for my Certification?

You have to ask yourself, if you were looking for the best personal trainer, who would you choose? Someone who paid the least amount and never had to step foot in a gym to get certified or someone who made the commitment and the investment to learn the correct techniques with hands on gym training?  Here are some numbers with online courses.  Out of 100 people who sign up, about 50 never even take the test!  Why? Trying to learn these things out of a book can be intimidating.  Not to mention, life happens and those books end up on the shelf collecting dust!  So what about the other 50?  Well about half of those guys end up failing the test and now have to invest more money if they decide to retake!  So that leaves us with 25 people who now have a piece of paper saying that they are qualified to be a personal trainer.  Don’t get me wrong!  There are good trainers with online certifications.  We just feel that the numbers don’t lie!  If you are serious about being the best, come visit us and see if we are right for you!  We don’t just Certify You……WE QUALIFY YOU!